A genuine desire to give

quin-tes-sen-tial  – the pure and essential essence of something

phi-lan-thro-pist – person who makes an active effort to promote human well-being

Mr. Jerry Baker is the quintessential philanthropist! His genuine desire to give comes from a wellspring of deep, personal gratitude. Mr. Baker did not grow up experiencing all of the ideal advantages he wants others to have. But what he did have was the maturity to recognize the value of education and the ethics of hard work which allowed him to change the pathway of his future.

Mr. Baker has long been an advocate for excellence in healthcare in our region. He committed his gift of strong leadership from the very start of Commonwealth Health Foundation and worked with other dedicated individuals to start The Warren Society.

He recalls the power of engaging his peers.

“Knowing that one hundred percent of every dollar we raised stayed in our community and was directed to help others allowed Commonwealth Health Foundation to stand out. This unique quality continues to help us engage more donors and grow!”

Mr. Baker has been involved since the start of the Foundation and he continues to generously bless others. As a visionary, he was intrigued to learn more about the new Health Sciences Complex and The Medical Center patient simulation lab. He was excited to learn about the opportunity to have the most advanced technology and training available right here for the benefit of our medical community. And so Mr. Baker gave, and our patient simulation lab continues to grow. As a world traveler, he believes that Commonwealth Health Corporation provides the very best healthcare in our region and beyond.

As a founding member of the Warren Society, Mr. Baker is proud of what has been achieved. As an ongoing donor, he has stayed committed to the present needs of the Foundation even as he invests in our future.

Mr. Jerry Baker shares his heartfelt philosophy. “The personal reward of giving to impact others far exceeds the value of the actual gift!”

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