Warren Society

In David McCullough’s book, John Adams, Abigail Adams writes of their friend Joseph Warren who had been killed at Bunker Hill.

“A handsome young physician and leading patriot allied with Samuel Adams and Paul Revere. Warren had been one of the worthiest men of the province. John (Adams) had known him since the smallpox epidemic of 1764, when John had gone to Boston to be inoculated. Now Joseph Warren was dead at age thirty-four; a shot through the face, his body horribly mutilated by British bayonets.” WarrenSociety_print

Warren County was named in honor of Joseph Warren, and now over 200 years later with our country united against injustice and modern terrorism we are all trying to make our world the best one in which to live.

In the same respect, members of the Warren Society are staking their place in history and giving to a great cause – the health of their fellow citizens.

The General Joseph Warren Society is a distinguished group of benefactors who support the advancement of healthcare with a minimum commitment of $10,000 or more to the Foundation. This may be fulfilled by one single payment, in annual payments over a period of five or less years, or a payment scheduled that meets your needs.


  • Med Center Health Foundation extends special recognition to this distinguished group of caring citizens.
  • Recognition in various health system publications.
  • Recognition at an annual social event where new members will be honored and presented with a personal gift of appreciation.
  • Special invitations to CHC and Med Center Health Foundation functions, such as dedications, open houses and other special events.

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