Giving Tuesday

Help Others Like Amy on Nov. 29th

Amy was four years old when she started pre-school in Bowling Green, Ky. Born outside of the United States, Amy’s limited use of English required language tutoring on a daily basis and her teachers noticed that Amy winced a lot when she tried to pronounce certain words or make certain sounds. Amy’s baby teeth were in very poor and painful condition. When Amy was seen by a local dentist’s office it was suggested that crowning almost all of Amy’s teeth might buy her the additional years of time needed until her adult teeth could grow in. The surgery needed was extensive and due to her age needed to be done under sedation at the hospital. Even though the pediatric dentist offered to donate her time to help, Amy’s family was uninsured and the additional costs associated with such a procedure were far outside of her family’s financial means.

give-now-buttonThe Community Clinic at Med Center Health in Bowling Green, Kentucky was able to work with a charitable network of providers to connect the dots, bringing together the dentist, translation services, the supplies, and the proper financial resources to get everything in the same place, at the same time.

Today, Amy is an energetic first grader whose language skills are almost equal to those of her classmates. Because of the generosity of people who cared to give of their time, talents and financial resources to Community Clinic, Amy received the help she needed.

Your financial gift to the Community Clinic at Med Center Health through #GivingTuesday on November 29th, 2016 will ensure that the Community Clinic can continue to help those in need.