Hospitality House


The Hospitality House provides a “home-away-from-home” for family members, while patients receive care at The Medical Center or Commonwealth Regional Specialty Hospital. The home serves as more than just a place to sleep – it provides comfort, food, safety and a connection to other families experiencing common situations.

The Hospitality House holds a unique place in the Med Center Health family. With The Medical Center as Southcentral Kentucky’s largest and most trusted healthcare provider, we see many patients from surrounding counties, and we understand the need for family members to stay close by. The Hospitality House fulfills that need. Not only does it provide a haven for family members while their loved ones receive care at our hospitals, but also for patients who travel long distances to The Medical Center to receive treatment for cancer. Guests can stay at the home free of charge, but donations are welcome. The House is an invaluable service, providing comfort and respite, and a chance to talk with others who are in a similar situation.

About the Hospitality House Endowment

The Hospitality House is located at 501 High Street, Bowling Green, Ky., on the campus of The Medical Center. The House was built from the contributions of donors who believe in ensuring comfort to those who need a home while loved ones are receiving care at one of our facilities.

Med Center Health Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Med Center Health, continues to emphasize the importance of raising funds for the Hospitality House Endowment. Our goal is to grow the endowment by $2 million by the close of 2018, in order for us to enable more patients and their families to have access to the respite or support the House provides.

The Hospitality House Endowment will keep the House’s doors open by ensuring operational stability.

Currently, it takes an annual cost of approximately $250,000 to operate the House. Right now, all of that cost must be raised annually; but with an increased endowment, we are ensuring the operational stability of the House for years to come.

Gifts to the Endowment can be made in any amount and allows donors to know that their gifts will continue to bless the lives of guests today— and tomorrow.