A vision for the future

Dr. Narendra Nathoo and Dr. Clark Bernard are vital leaders of the Neuroscience Services team at The Medical Center. These highly skilled neurosurgeons provide excellent care for those dealing with serious issues of the brain and spine. Often, there are life-changing outcomes.

One powerful story is of a patient who had full restoration of sight after experiencing a progressive loss of vision. The human eyes are one of the most complicated organs of the body. People rely on all five senses, but undoubtedly, vision is the sense that is relied upon the most. Imagine the alarm of losing the ability to see.

The patient who had a restoration of sight had been given an initial diagnosis of glaucoma as the cause of the abnormal vision but chose to seek another opinion. The correct diagnosis was that a pituitary mass was compressing the vision nerves and the patient was referred to Dr. Narendra Nathoo for surgery. Using specialized equipment brought in to The Medical Center, minimally invasive surgery was then performed by Dr. Brad Morris, ENT surgeon, and Dr. Nathoo who removed the pituitary mass. The patient went on to have full restoration of vision. What a joyful outcome!

Give Now ButtonThe patient felt deep gratitude and wanted to express this in a meaningful way. The patient’s family chose to make a significant financial gift that allowed for the purchase of the sophisticated equipment, thus assuring that future patients could have immediate surgery without any wait time. As our medical services grow, there is a need for more community involvement, according to Dr. Nathoo.

“Equipment is very costly and in our current economic climate, the generosity of donors is a much needed part of maintaining the highest level of services with the rapid changes in healthcare and technology,” said Dr. Nathoo.

This inspirational story of a patient’s restoration of sight is an incredible example of gratitude in action that is bringing benefit to many others in our region!