A legacy lives on

THE CAMPAIGN FOR EXCELLENCE was launched in 2013. The first project of the campaign was The Medical Center-WKU Health Sciences Complex.

The first gift of the year and the first gift to the Health Sciences Complex came from a very special lady, Agnes Clark. The gift was hand delivered to Connie Smith, President and CEO of Commonwealth Health Corporation and The Medical Center, by Mrs. Clark’s two children, Doug Potter and Leanna Andrews. Neither Agnes nor her husband, Frederick Clark could be present for they had both passed away. But their legacy lives on because of a generous bequest.

Doug and Leanna shared warm family memories as they visited with Connie. Sadly, they lost their father at a young age. Their mother needed to find a way to support the family and determined that nursing was a good profession to enter, and she was right. The nursing profession opened many doors for Agnes. She began as a public health nurse, a job she enjoyed very much. Agnes was working as the Director of Health Services at WKU when she met her second husband, Frederick. Agnes was the first female, and only woman, to serve on The Medical Center Board of Directors, from 1958-1975. Her inspiration and guidance has touched many lives and will continue to do so.

Give Now ButtonWhen Commonwealth Health Foundation is remembered in a will, it is an opportunity for a legacy to be created. It is the chance for a gift to reach far beyond the lifetime of the giver and into the future.

Doug and Leanna agreed that nothing could have made their mother and stepfather happier than to know they were part of the wonderful new Health Sciences Complex. The education and training taking place is equipping medical professionals to serve at the highest level possible and these folks will achieve great things just as Agnes Potter Clark did. And that would make any mother proud.