The practice of gratitude

Dr. Tom Thompson believes in giving back to our community! He was born and raised on a farm near Owensboro in a large family. His family was not wealthy — but his parents did their very best with what they did have, and Tom learned the practice of gratitude. Tom became an oral surgeon and has been blessed with a very successful practice in Bowling Green. Tom enjoys giving! He is inspired to give back in a meaningful way and finds personal fulfillment in helping those who are in need.

Dr. Tom Thompson at work

The Commonwealth Health Free Clinic and The Dental Clinic serve those in our region who are working hard but cannot access or afford insurance or adequate healthcare.

The Dental Clinic is available for routine dental matters and the patients pay a small fee based on their income. Frequently, patients postpone dental treatment until they are in extreme pain and in dire need of help. The Dental Clinic sends these individuals to Dr. Thompson, who offers his services to those who urgently require oral surgery treatment and life-changing care.

Give Now ButtonTom shares his experience by saying, “The patients I see are in critical need of treatment and are always extremely grateful for the services they receive! I am hopeful that more of my medical and dental colleagues will step up and utilize their God-given skills to help others. Working with The Dental Clinic is a fantastic opportunity to provide much needed services to our region.”

Radiant, shining smiles is the only proof needed!