When real-life scenarios occur

The Medical Center-WKU Health Sciences Complex opened in August, 2013. This fabulous facility adds to the campus of The Medical Center and houses some of the most sophisticated technology available as both students and clinical staff perpetuate their education.

The Medical Center simulation lab is full of life-like virtual patients in realistic hospital care settings, allowing for a unique educational experience.

An entire medical team, including physicians, nurses, paramedics and respiratory therapists can train in an interconnected way. The result is life-saving responses when real-life scenarios occur.

Dr. David and Robin CiochettyDr. David Ciochetty is an Anesthesiologist and Interventional Pain Management Specialist who provides excellent care to those living in our region. He has served in the United States Army as a Black Hawk Pilot, and has practiced medicine in both military and private settings giving him lifetime experiences with simulation training.

Dr. Ciochetty is passionate about the value of this specialized way of training. He fervently shares, “The first time I used a simulator, I learned to drive. The second time I used a simulator, I learned to fly. The third time I used a simulator, I learned to save lives!

“When I heard that the Health Sciences Complex was creating a simulation training lab for The Medical Center staff, I jumped at the chance to get involved. Simulated training in healthcare is the state-of-the-art style of learning in today’s medical environment.

“The simulation training lab at the Health Sciences Complex is the best training facility I’ve seen! It utilizes integrated programs that can display vital signs on monitors, and has interactive training mannequins including adults, children and babies. These electronic virtual patients allow the clinician to feel a pulse, start an IV, take a blood pressure while the mannequin is blinking and talking.”

Dr. David Ciochetty and his wife Robin both have advanced degrees in the field of medicine and they understand the invaluable role the Health Sciences Complex has in our community. They also understand the vital role that Commonwealth Health Foundation plays.

Looking to the Future

The Foundation was able to provide the patient simulators and technology thanks to generous donors like Robin and David. The simulation lab offers high-level training that is not a part of most hospitals. This gift to our medical community and the community-at-large is possible because of donations from those who believe in the great value of educational excellence in healthcare.

Give Now ButtonThe Education Endowment has been established and provides a chance for donors to make contributions that have power now as well as for future generations.

David and Robin Ciochetty did not grow up in this area, but feel this is truly their home. They believe in giving back, and they’ve been generous supporters of Commonwealth Health Foundation initiatives, but feel a special connection with the Health Sciences Complex.

Robin conveys her thoughts by saying, “We give to this community because it is where we live. Our family and friends live here. Someday in the future, we may need the advanced medical care available at The Medical Center and we want the people taking care of us to have the best learning opportunities available.”