Comfort and solace during difficult times

To know Jerry and Marilyn Patton is to love them! They are warm, engaging, interesting and funny. The handsome couple has been married for fifty years and worked together to raise a family and to run a business that helps others. In Edmonson County, Jerry, Marilyn and the folks at Patton Funeral Homes offer comfort and solace to people during one of the most difficult times of life.

There are other challenging moments in life and one of those is when illness strikes. Having a family member who is ill affects not only the patient but the entire family. When Jerry Patton entered the hospital, it was a crucial moment for the Patton family.

Marilyn knew the Hospitality House was near The Medical Center, but she wasn’t totally sure about what it was like until she needed it. Marilyn shares her experience with eloquence.

“Sometimes a crucial situation can result in a very positive outcome! After Jerry had his surgery, I wasn’t comfortable getting very far from the hospital. I was aware of the Hospitality House and its purpose, but I had not toured the facility. I was so amazed at what a beautiful place it was. It had all of the amenities of home away from home.

My stress level was quickly relieved and I stayed four nights there until Jerry was released. I felt very comfortable, secure and was able to get a good night’s rest, have a shower and refresh myself. I was also able to launder my clothes there. Most importantly, I was only minutes from the hospital and could get there quickly if need be.

Give Now ButtonFor any family who may have a long hospital stay because of a serious or terminally ill loved one, please consider inquiring about the Hospitality House and make your hospital stay a more stress free and pleasant experience. My experience was a very rewarding and pleasant one!”

In addition to the benefits the caregiver receives, the patient has rewards as well. Jerry Patton expressed how he felt calm and relief during his hospital stay knowing his wife was in a safe place and close by. That feeling of security alleviated worry and allowed him to focus on the healing process.

Jerry and Marilyn have generously given back by supporting the Hospitality House as donors and by serving as enthusiastic ambassadors for Commonwealth Health Foundation.