Planting for the future

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes. An envelope bears a check, a fundraising event reflects countless donor hours, a smile beams the results of dental care. . . and a tree becomes a symbol of treasured memories from before, memories we create now, and memories we know will be cherished by future generations.

George Schiff knows a lot about trees! When he learned that Commonwealth Health Foundation needed an evergreen tree for Make The Season Bright, he quickly donated his professional services as an arborist, and offered to find, harvest and plant a beautiful tree.

Make The Season Bright celebrations are held on The Medical Center campuses in Bowling Green, Scottsville and Franklin during the holiday season. People give donations for loved ones that are reflected in the sparkling lights that adorn a holiday tree as funds are raised to benefit Commonwealth Health Free Clinic and The Dental Clinic.

George knew just the sort of tree that was needed in Bowling Green but his careful plans to bring in a tree from the East Coast were derailed by unexpected weather patterns. More than once! But George kept the faith.

Give Now ButtonWho better to be a part of these unforeseen circumstances than our local weather celebrity – Chris Allen. With only days to go before the celebration, the tree finally arrived. George’s team shivered outside of The Medical Center, in frigid conditions, to plant the tree on the very day that Chris welcomed his newborn baby grandson.

Several evenings later, Chris took on his traditional role of hosting Make The Season Bright. Twinkling lights cast a magical glow as musicians sang and heads were bowed in silence. Then Chris shared his emotional story of becoming a grandfather on the day the tree was planted.

Chris looks forward to bringing his precious grandson to future celebrations around the tree. As the child grows, so the tree will grow deeper roots and branches that reach heavenward as many generations continue to Make The Season Bright.