Employees coming together

Positive energy and radiant goodness shine forth from Emily and Ronnie Martin who are part of the Commonwealth Health Corporation family. Warm sincerity and a passion for helping others make them gracious ambassadors for ECHO (Employees Contributing to Help Others). ECHO is an important channel of support for Commonwealth Health Foundation initiatives.

“We always try to remain thankful and humble for what we have, and it’s nice to know that our contributions bless others,” said Emily Martin. “With the ECHO program, there are wonderful benefits to collective giving. Even donating a small amount can make a large impact. This gift will continue to help others for years to come.”

The Martins support several Commonwealth Health Foundation initiatives, including The Medical Center – WKU Health Sciences Complex, Free Clinic and Hospitality House. They are able to speak with conviction because of the positive impact they witness first hand.

Give Now ButtonRonnie Martin is the Network Contracting Manager at Center Care, while Emily oversees the Commonwealth Regional Specialty Hospital which serves those who need extended critical care after a serious illness. Through her daily work as the Administrator/Director of Patient Care, Emily witnesses the benefits that come from just one of the initiatives the Foundation supports—the Hospitality House, which is only a few steps away from the hospital. The Hospitality House is a “home away from home,” and a haven for families who are staying weeks at a time with their loved ones in the hospital. Emily shares, “These families desperately need that breath of fresh air during a difficult time. They are always so appreciative and complimentary about their stays!”

Family is an important value for The Martins as they welcomed their son, Garner, into the world in 2014. They hope he will grow to learn the importance of giving back. With Emily and Ronnie leading him by example, our community can rest assured the circle of life and love will keep moving forward.